Cools Your A/C Unit Reduces Energy Usage by 30%
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Introducing The Mister
Lower Your Cooling Costs In Just 15 Minutes!

Through the simple scientific process of evaporative cooling, The Mister pre-cools the air entering your AC unit, improving its efficiency and cooling capacity. This decreases the amount of electricity needed to cool your home, saving you money!

No hassle for you—just hook it up, turn it on, and let The Mister save you money for years due to its quality construction, proven technology, and computerized efficiency.

  • Easy Installation
    Do it yourself in under ten minutes. No tools required.
  • Immediate Savings
    Saves up to 30% on your AC bills – The Mister usually pays for itself within a few months and saves thousands more in cooling costs over its lifetime.
  • Long Term Savings
    Increases the lifetime of your AC unit by reducing workload and run time. The Mister’s filtration technology even cleans and protects your AC unit while it works. It all adds up to longer system life, less maintenance, and lower energy costs.
  • Time-tested
    The Mister uses the same technology employed in commercial applications for decades, finally adapted for residential use in a cost-effective and durable way. Built with quality materials and a simple, well-engineered design that will last for years.
  • Low Maintenance
    Install it and forget it. The Mister monitors its own performance for optimal efficiency—turning itself on and off when conditions are right. The only maintenance required is simply changing the filter and AA batteries annually. The computerized, icon-based display provides the information you need quickly and easily.
  • 30% Green Tax Credit
    The Mister significantly decreases your air conditioner’s energy usage, while in return, only requiring the power of a few batteries annually. Because of this, the Federal Government covers 30% of the purchase price of The Mister in the form of a Green Tax Credit.

Save up to 30% on your AC bills each month

The Mister is simply the best energy saving product on the market with an unrivaled cost to saving ratio. You’ll see an immediate return on your investment in the form of lower AC bills.
Purchase The Mister today, and start saving money.

Begin Your Energy Savings!


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